Grumpy Overwatch

A bunch of adults, based in Europe playing Overwatch on PSN. We play to win. We're cool and not salty.

Our Motto: Get kills. Don't Die.

We're always open to new folks who share our attitudes. You’ll find a team forming with Grumpy in the title.

You can find all our blog posts and thoughts about how we play on the GrumpyWiki.

We're just a bunch of cool Overwatch PS4 players who are looking for more cool overwatch PS4 players.

What's important to us?
  • Use voice (English only. sorry)
  • Play to win
  • Be nice (no toxic attitudes, no trolling)
  • Flex (try not to one-trick)

Generally we in the evenings UK time. From 20:00 or 21:00 onwards.

At the weekend, you might find us on at any time. But we’re all working adults, so generally we’re on outside working hours in Europe.

Blogs and Thoughts

You can find blog posts and thoughts about how we play on the GrumpyWiki. It’s got our strategies, aspirations, and inspirations.

The Team

We're generally mid-gold to low-platinum players who try to play Overwatch competitively.

SteggySaurusRex SteggySaurusRex



You think a good healer is luxury? We say it’s essential! Ever since Mercy was nerfed, she’s been rockin the Moira to great effect. And if someone else is playing healer, she’ll be the peeler; guarding the healer with her Brigitte.

  • Status: core player
  • Other notable heroes: Brigitte, Mercy
  • Passive skill: Status and call-outs
  • Voice line: “It’s behind you!”

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DaBlueprints DaBlueprints



A Roadhog with a golden hook so accurate you’d think he was using Widowmaker’s scope. Also flexible, he ranges from DPS to tank to heals. Blue keeps the team’s sprits up, and helps us analyse our plays.

  • Status: core player
  • Other notable heroes: Reaper, Zenyatta, Winston
  • Passive skill: Shotcaller, player analysis
  • Voice line: “That’s what she said”

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Odditeee Odditeee



Odditeee is all about the flex. DPS, tank or healer—it doesn’t matter. His golden gun Pharah is no joke, raining constant DPS from the skies.

  • Status: core player
  • Other notable heroes: Zenyatta, D.Va, Soldier 76
  • Passive skill: Hero and meta analysis
  • Voice line: “you’re an oelewapper”

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OldGrumpyDad OldGrumpyDad



So solid and steadfast you might mistake him for furniture, OldGrumpyDad is a core shield tank. In the real world he’s also the geek making the magic happen on the web site.

  • Status: core player
  • Other notable heroes: Reinhardt, Zarya, Mei
  • Passive skill: player stats
  • Voice line: “Nobody stands still like I do.” (seriously “You shall not pass”).

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liamcity3 liamcity3



Putting the DOOM in Doomfist, Liam packs a massive punch. He fills in on all sorts of DPS roles. But he’s not limited to that.

  • Status: Regular
  • Other notable heroes: Hanzo
  • Passive skill: Getting kills. Making us all look old and slow.

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