Competitive Communications

2018-06-05 22:26:19 +0200 +0200

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This article is only meant for overwatch players who queue in stacks for competitive. Communication in a solo comp match is different, and that’s something for another day.


Now in order to become better at something you have to see what’s wrong with it. For example, straightforward: no echoes in the mic. Turn the volume down a bit. Don’t play with an open mic and sound coming out of your TV or speakers.


Keep it simple. Call out things that are valuable. For example, a good Zenyatta means big trouble, if he calls out his discord tags. As I like to call this chase the orb.


Simple example. Someone calls Genji in front of me. Okay cool, but where is that?

This call out could be better, “Genji in front of the arch. Short and simple, don’t forget to mention that he is perhaps damaging you. Simple call outs like that should trigger damage or healing from a nearby team mate.

That’s one tackled. Now that was reactive but to truly make it matter you need to attack as well. But how do we keep this simple yet effective? (Sidenote: Who are you playing? Damage needs to brings damage. A healer healing, and a tank needs to do tanking okay? Cool, carry on.)

Attack Calls

For the reapers, tracers, and snipers out there: Who are you focusing? Who is in your sights? Where? Comfirm kills. Mercy is down. This is a lot of information. Mercy—a MAIN healer—is down! That can inform your team that they can get more aggressive. In a form of positioning and DPS.

That’s one down. Now the literal big boys: Rein, Hog,, and of course Zarya. Two classes emerge. Off tanks and anchor tanks. Tell me when your barrier is on me or call out enemy positions for your DPS. Who is low, out of position and so on?

Hog: comfirm your hooks as well.

My favourite anchor tank Orisa: I tell where my barriers are and if I’m switching it’s position. Barrier falling back, so people who use it know that they need to fall back a bit as well.

Looking at you to Reinhardt:. Tell people when your barrier is going down. And very important: call out for healing on time.

Booom two down.

Healers: who can you see? Call out your orbs, damage-boosts, biotic grenade tags and so on. Every time in a form of two words. Call out when and who you’re healing. Further when somebody is threatening you should also be the one who gets prioritized for protection.

Defense is class four but that’s greatly equal to dps pics.

But to get the uttermost value out of this you need to respond in game as well to these call outs or it will all be for nothing. Do your jobs. Tank, heal, DPS and communicate to victory!

Short call outs nothing more nothing less ;)

Blue out.