Competitive Debriefs

2018-07-08 22:26:19 +0200 +0200

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So today I’ve got a one hour bus trip, and some Overwatch thoughts on my mind. What to do in between comp matches with your team? A way that can push you guys further up the ranks.

Proper Debriefing

So you’ve played your first comp match of the evening? Maybe it was awesome, you guys destroyed the other team. What made that match so awesome? Maybe you guys were synergizing really well, perhaps some crazy combos happened, but how? Talk about that 👍

However this isn’t always the case. GG guys, but you’ve lost the match. The others were better. Maybe it’s just not your day. Well, don’t be a loser. Think about it. Don’t blame the other team for winning. That’s the first thing, project on yourself and perhaps your team. But don’t blame each other. Give each other positive feedback. For example, maybe we should work on our ult management? And call some examples from the match. Recognize your own mistakes as well.

Next match will go a lot better, I promise you.

Juicy sidenote: don’t just throw of your composition by switching in between roles. Try to stay within your start role—damage, tank or healer. Or communicate with your team.

Thanks for reading, twenty minutes left.


Blue out.