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3-3 GOATS/Quad Tank

This Topic expands on our ThreePillarsOfStrategy by adding details to the basic structure, for specific maps, hero compositions, and play styles. A basic understanding of the Three Pillars is assumed. Each of the following sections acts as an addendum to those Rules when specific differences exist.

Standard GOATS (Shield Tank, Mobile Tank, Off Tank, Debuffing Support, Mobile Support, Main Support; i.e. Reinhardt, Dva, Zarya, Brigitte, Lucio, Moira)

There are a variety of 3-3 comps that play on this theme. Dive GOATS replaces Rein with Winston and Brigitte with Zenyatta. Rotating Main Support and Debuffing Support is also favored, i.e. Ana for Moira, Zen for Brig.

'Scuffed' GOATS refers to any GOATS themed composition and strategy paired with a single DPS (usually played by the Debuffing Support). This area is rife for experimentation. e.g. Swapping a Support for McRee (other than Brigitte).

Quad Tank is a GOATS variant (predecessor) in which one of the supports (usually Debuffing) plays a 4th Tank. Roadhog is typically paired with Rein and Hammond with Winston for Dive GOATS.


Group up


Form up

GOATS is foremost an exercise in formation discipline. Shoulder to shoulder, behind the shield tank, inside the Lucio speed bubble, is the goal for the entire team. Not only during the movement phases but during the engagements as well. "Stack on X" is a call for GOATS to instruct the team to form up on a specfic teammate, usually Rein or Lucio.


GOATS comp wants to close distance. It also wants to rotate prepared defensive positionings to more favorable angles for initiating a close quarters battle (CQB). GOATS has a weakeness in sustainability. It doesn't weather sustained DPS well. Long range, sustained DPS compositions (Pharah, Widow, etc) can wear down GOATS if forward momentum stalls. This makes choosing approach angles, that minimize poke and scouting, a high priority. Be creative! Some of the most interesting Approaches often take routes behind enemy positions, flipping the entire engagement away from where the defenders had hoped. (i.e. King's Row attack; Speed Boosting through choke, immediately left through Hotel, continuing through Arch, rotating right, up to Hallways high ground, dropping down behind Telephone Booth, and engaging exactly where GOATS thrives: The Point.)


Not much individual hero flanking occurs in GOATS. Flanking manuevers are typically whole team Approach rotations. 'Scuffed' variations can include a Flanker or Long Range out-of-formation DPS.



GOATS does not like Poke. GOATS gets wrecked by Poke. Don't Poke. Scouting is OK; Farming Ults is OK; the Mobile Tank can move ahead for a quick peek, and getting some chip damage to help farm Ults never hurts.

When extended Poking is forced onto GOATS, Moira's Coalescence ultimate is a key to survival. It should charge VERY quickly, given the nature of the close positioning of GOATS and strong AOE heals. Moira should not hesitate to use her Ult as a tool to sustain a long engagement. It farms much quicker than Sound Barrier or Transcendance.


GOATS initiation is a coordinated chaos of hammer swinging, flail whipping, speed boosting, shield bubbling street fighting! It is upclose and targeted. Team focus fire should be whatever Rein is smashing with his hammmer. Prefered first targets are the enemy Tanks; focus down the biggest first. While it appears, from 3rd person, to be chaotic, the GOATS initiation relies on a series of tightly coordinated cooldown abilities from several of its heroes. The critical cooldowns are: Speed Boost, personal and friendly Bubbles, Defense Matrix, and Charge.

General idea:

Rein picks a target and closes with Charge - Dva follows, Defense Matrixing the pair as they slam into the enemy (Main Tank priority). Zarya Bubbles Rein as he lands the Charge. (Don't overlap Matrix and Bubbles!! Critical for both Zarya and Dva, to be aware and respectful of the negative interaction between their cooldowns!) Ideally, Dva will reserve Matrix for Initiation, peeling for Supports, and when she knows the Bubbles are on cooldown. Lucio immedidately Speed Boosts the rest of the team in after the Rein/Dva. Everyone focus fires on Rein's target. Most Support resources are dumped into Rein. Given the shoulder to shoulder and AOE heals nature of GOATS, focusing healing on the Rein heals everyone.

A popular GOATS Initiation is generally the same as above with the addition of Moira's ultimate kicking things off.

Bash - Shatter is an Initiation combo between Reinhardt and Brigitte; Brig manuevers into position and Bashes opposing Rein, so he drops shield, followed up with our Rein dropping Shatter on the momentarily shieldless team.

A well tossed Graviton Surge into a Nanoboosted Reinhardt is another.

Clean up

STACK ON REIN! After a successful initiation, Clean Up can easily fracture the cohesion at the heart of GOATS strength. Continue to focus on a single target, Rein's target, and chase the stragglers all the way to spawn. A brief spawn camp, that trickles at least 30 seconds off the clock, is well worth it (especially playing King of the Hill maps). The more time, the merrier, but don't over stay.


Reset forward with GOATS is laying an ambush. Ults should be discussed and planned for the next engagement. A best case for a perfect hiding spot: on high ground, where evereyone stacks, unnmoving, until the opposing team passes, and GOATS drops in directly on top of them and goes to work. Reset back is a formation call for 'Stack on Rein/Lucio'. After the initial Speed Boost at Initiation, Lucio needs to conserve that cooldown for the upcoming Reset. It is best to reset far back, so an adequate Approach can occur, without being so easily scouted.



GOATS engagements are quick. Standard GOATS has sustain issues (despite the high HP, and heals per second), so the count of most importance is our team's respawning heros. Since cooldown coordination between 3 or more heroes is required to run GOATS effectively, missing one, or two, is a scrub for the engagement. Losing Rein or Brigitte is typically a reset.

Target priority

Biggest to smallest. Main tanks, then DPS, then Supports. Opposite of Dive, GOATS priority is to remove the space taking and brawling heroes first. Reinhardt's target is the team's target.

Ult economy


Ult/Cooldown coordination

The initiation cooldowns are priority comm chatter. Rein shotcalls who he is focusing, the team follows.

Notes on Comm Discipline

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